Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society 

                                                      We are all about the aquarium hobby 

Friday June 16th, Regular Meeting

Buck-A-Bag Auction Night..

and Election Night..

Come out and vote for your club leaders (new and renewals)

This is our annual Elections meeting. There will be multiple kinds of ice cream and one kind of cake for members in good standing. Come out and cast your vote!

Buck-A-Bag Auction Night works like this..

Maximium of 10 items per household in good standing. The club will take the first Buck on the sale of your item, you take the rest. Example: Your bag of catfish sells for $20. The club takes $1, you are paid $19. Opportunity to get top dollar for your good stock. What will you bring for the auction? Cash Sales Only

Sat October 28th, 2023

Auction Flyer
(Click Here)

Congradulations to New Leadership!

President: Don Guman
Vice President: Pam Sundin
Treasurer: Lisa Reel
Recording Secretary: Karen Guman
BOD: Bill Chandler, Erik Brightshue, Brian Strictland, Larry Ayers, Ron Sundin, Dan Guman, Greg Bodden (Alternate), and Joe Doyle (Alternate)

See Bowl Show MENU link for NEW 2023 categories.

We are a Non Profit Organization

Join Us as we return to meeting in person on the 3rd Friday of each month in our new enlarged location:

Lake Milton Baptist Temple
415 S Pricetown Rd
Diamond, OH 44412
(10 miles from our old location)

Park in the back and follow walking signs to our meeting room in the gymnasium.

Bring your BAP\SAP\AHAP items for turn in for credit. There will be a live Fish/Plant auction.

Meeting Dates:
Jun 16th, 2023 – Regular Meeting
Jul 21st, 2023 – Regular Meeting
Aug 18th, 2023 – Regular Meeting
Sep 15th, 2023 – Regular Meeting
Oct 20th, 2023 – Regular Meeting
Oct 28th, 2023 – YATFS Fall Auction
Nov 18th, 2023 – Member Luncheon at OCA Extravaganza
Dec 16th, 2023 – Regular Meeting – Christmas Party

All meetings start at 7:30pm, Doors open at 7:00pm

Board of Director – Meeting Dates
Jul 1st, 2023 – BOD meeting
Aug 5th, 2023 – BOD meeting
Sep 2nd, 2023 – BOD meeting
Oct 7th, 2023 – BOD meeting
Nov 4th, 2023 – BOD meeting
Dec 2nd, 2023 – BOD meeting

Auction Dates:
Oct 28th, 2023 – Fall Auction



That could be a $100 in your pocket for just just turning in something for BAP, SAP, IAP, HAP. any questions just ask one of us and take a glance at the contest page. Could be easy MONEY!

Auctions for 2023..

 Jun 10th & 11th – GAAS – Greater Akron Aquarium Society (Akron) – Ultra Aqua Show & Auction

Aug 26th & 27th – TFCEC – Tropical Fish Club of Erie County (Buffalo) – Fall Fish Festival

Sep 10th – GPASI – Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Inc (Pittsburgh) – Fall Auction

Sep 17th – NEO-Fish – North East Ohio – Fall Auction

Oct 14th – MCAS – Medina County Aquarium Society – Fall Auction

Oct 28th – YATFS – Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society (Youngstown) – Fall Auction

Oct 29th – EAS – Erie Aquarium Society (Erie) – Fall Auction

Nov 5th – GAAS – Greater Akron Aquarium Society (Akron) – Fall Auction

Nov 11th – MCAS – Motor City Aquarium Society (Detroit) – Fall Auction


Swaps Listing for 2023..

Jun 10th, 2023 – G.A.A.S – Swap Meet at Ultra Aqua Show

Jul 15th, 2023 – Buffalo NY, Tropical Fish Club of Erie County – Swap Meet in Mall

Aug 26th, 2023 – Buffalo NY, Tropical Fish Club of Erie County – Swap Meet at Fish Show



Convention Listing for 2023..

Jul 13th-16th – ACA & Catfish-Cataclysm (Madison WI) –

Nov 17th-19th – Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA) Extravaganza –