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May 20th, 2022 – Speaker: Brian Shrimpton
Topic: Breeding Wild & Captive Bred Discus

Growing up on Long Island, NY, we had a slate bottom 50-gallon tank with community fish.  I started to keep my own fish when I was in grade school.  I remember having a Siamese twin molly baby that I took into Show and Tell.

I dropped the hobby in high school but got back into it during my college years while working at a mall pet shop.  I have had a couple of fish rooms over the years, building my current and largest in the basement of our new great room.  It has about 60 tanks.  Most of the tanks are in the 20-40 gallon range with my largest being a 150 gallon in my family room.

I have always had an interest in many types of fish, mostly smaller fish.  My focus over the past years has been on smaller Tanganyikan cichlids.  I have been diversifying lately keeping many species of Rainbowfish, tetras, wild livebearers, native fish, and killifish. Most recently I have been buying plants wholesale and seeing them at Auction, swap meets, and talks.  Once I retire, I will move to sell online.

Dan Ritter and I started Northeast Ohio Fish Club (NEOfish) in 2013 which meets in Independence OH.  Currently, the club has about 100 members.

This talk will be on Discus, from Wild to Captive Bred, Their Care and Breeding Attempts.  I have during the pandemic imported both wild and captive-bred (from Asia).  Cleveland water is actually very good for Discus and many other tropical fish.

The Key Words are “White Discus”.  When you hear these words during my presentation, silently raise your hand, for an offer to buy your own fish at landed costs.  This is just a fun test to see who reads the bulletin and bios.

Also, I’m open to any questions concerning the hobby as well.


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We are a Non Profit Organization

Join Us as we return to meeting in person on the 3rd Friday of each month in our new enlarged location:

Lake Milton Baptist Temple
415 S Pricetown Rd
Diamond, OH 44412
(10 miles from our old location)

Park in the back and follow walking signs to our meeting room in the gymnasium.

Bring your BAP\SAP\AHAP items for turn in for credit. There will be a live Fish/Plant auction.

Meeting Dates:
May 20th, 2022 – Regular Meeting
June 17th, 2022 – Regular Meeting
July 15th, 2022 – Regular Meeting
Aug 19th, 2022 – Regular Meeting
Sep 16th, 2022 – Regular Meeting
Oct 21st, 2022 – Regular Meeting
Dec 16th, 2022 – Regular Meeting – Christmas Party

All meetings start at 7:30pm, Doors open at 7:00pm

Board of Director – Meeting Dates
Jun 4th, 2022 – BOD meeting
Jul 2nd, 2022 – BOD meeting
Aug 6th, 2022 – BOD meeting
Sep 3rd, 2022 – BOD meeting
Oct 15th, 2022 – BOD meeting
Nov 5th, 2022 – BOD meeting
Dec 3rd, 2022 – BOD meeting

Auction Dates:
Oct 22nd, 2022 – Fall Auction

July 16th, 2022 – Swap Meet (inside church rain or shine)



That could be a $100 in your pocket for just just turning in something for BAP, SAP, IAP, HAP. any questions just ask one of us and take a glance at the contest page. Could be easy MONEY!

Auctions for 2022..

June 11th – 12th – Ultra-Aqua 2022 (Wayne Toven) Akron Fish [Show/Swap/Auction]

June 26th – Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts Society (SCALES) Auction

Aug 27-28 – TFCEC – Tropical Fish Club of Erie County – Fall Fish Festival (Buffalo, NY)

Sep 11th – GPASI – Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Inc – Fall Auction

Sep 18th – NEO Fish – North East Ohio Fish – Fall Auction

Oct 1st – CAFE – Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts  – Fall Auction

Oct 15th – MCAS – Medina County Aquarium Society – Fall Auction

Oct 22nd – YATFS – Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society – Fall Auction

Oct 29th – GCAS – Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society – Fall Auction

Oct 30th – EAS – Erie Aquarium Society – Fall Auction

Nov 12th – MCAS – Motor City Aquarium Society – Fall Auction

ARVAS – Allegheny River Valley Aquarium Society – ?
MCA – Michigan Cichlid Association – ?
CCAC – Circle City Aquarium Society – ?
LCAS – Lorain County Aquarium Society – ?


Swaps Listing for 2022..

May 21st – EAS – Erie Aquarium Society – Swap Meet

Jun 5th – Tropical Fish Swap of Michigan SWAP (Bob Garon)

June 11th/12th – Ultra-Aqua 2022 (Wayne Toven) Akron Fish [Show/Swap/Auction]

June 18th – Tropical Fish Club of Erie County (Randy Seufert) Buffalo, NY

June 25th – NEO-Fish Swap (Dan Ritter)

July 16th – Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society (Joe Doyle) SWAP

July 24th – Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Inc (Joe Doyle/Jeff Wisneski) SWAP

Sep 11th – Tropical Fish Swap of Michigan SWAP (Bob Garon)



Convention Listing for 2022..

Jul 27th-31st – Triple Crown – ACA, ALA, AKA, Rainbow, Native Fish convention in Louisville, KY

Aug 22nd till 25th – SuperZoo – (Las Vegas NV)

Sep 9th thru 11th – MACNA – Marine Aquarium Conference of North America

Oct 7th-9th – CATCON – All-Aquarium Catfish Convention – Herndon,Virginia

Nov 18th-20st – Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA) Extravaganza –

Stay Tuned about details for a
Membership Drive.

YATFS will be celebrating 50 years in 2022. Stay tuned for special celebration events.