Swap Meet 2024 Meet Your Vendors!

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Cunningham Tropicals – Josh Cunningham (Updated)

Paul Bellitto

Ed’s Aquatic Exotics LLC – Ed Moats

Jenn’s Lil Lotls and Chuck’s Discus

Bierbower Aquatics – Rich Bierbower

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Mac Daddy Aquatics ( Bill McCabe)

Christopher McCracken

Rich Terrell & Geoff Humes

Beautiful Aquatics – Brian Shrimpton

Below are listings from the Vendors that contain information about what they will bring and their contact information so you can reach out to them before the swap meet.  Some vendors may accept pre-sales, where you buy or put a deposit down on an item and pick it up within a certain time.  This way, you don’t necessarily have to rush to the swap and find that vendor before they sell it to other hobbyists.

Cunningham Tropicals – Josh Cunningham





Paul Bellitto

(216) 402-1179, pwbmlr@gmail.com

  • Common BN 1-2” $3ea or 5 for $10
  • L144 Blue Eye Lemon 1-2” $5 ea or 5 for $20
  • Super Red BN 1-2” $6 ea or 5 for $25
  • Calico BN 1-2” $6 ea or 5 for $25
  • Proven Breeders (presale and prepay only. Will not bring to Swap unless purchased already)
  • L144 Blue Eyed Lemon Trio (1m/2f) $50.00
  • Super Red Trio (1m/2f) $50.00
  • Super Red Pair $35.00
  • Neocaridina Blue Diamond Shrimp 10 for $20
  • Red Moscow Guppies Trio’s $20 per trio

You can preorder all fish by emailing me at pwbmlr@gmail.com to set up payment.



Bierbower Aquatics – Rich Bierbower


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