No disrespect intended to anyone but the club’s Breeder
Award Programs just don’t seem to generate the same
enthusiastic participation as they once did.
It would be nice to see a more varied selection of fry,
plants and invertebrates available at the monthly meetings
for fellow members to take home and work with.
During last month’s Board meeting a novel idea was
put forward that we hope will create some excitement.
For the year 2017 each submission to the BAP, SAP, HAP
and IAP will be rewarded with a lottery ticket given out at
the Christmas party in December.
Check out the club handbook for the rules governing each
Point values will not mean anything, a five point fish will
earn one ticket as will a twenty point fish or to simplify
matters the number of tickets that you will receive will be
equal to your points earned for the breeder of the year
honors and  added to any points awarded for HAP and IAP
Remember this is a new program it does not replace
anything that we already have.
At the 2017 Christmas party all of your tickets will be
entered into a lottery and the winner will receive a crisp one
hundred dollar bill.
So even if you only have one ticket in the drawing you still
could come out a winner.
Get in on the action and participate !
Good Luck.
Introducing a  New  
---------YATFS Growth Contest by Marie Williams
YATFS member, Brian Strickland, has had a massive population explosion in his gold severum
(Heros severus) tank. Brian will generously donate as many gold severum fry as needed for
YATFS members to participate in this contest.
Fry will be distributed at the -----------------YATFS meeting.
Here are the rules:
 Contestants must register and pick up fish at the ------------YATFS meeting.
 Each contestant will receive 6 fry.
 Each contestant will be permitted to submit two of their six grown severum to be judged at
the YATFS annual Christmas party
 Two $50 cash awards will be given:
1) Best show-quality specimen – to be judged on appearance and condition as well as size.
2) Biggest severum overall – to be judged on size only.
 Contestants may not sell any of their six severum at auction or otherwise until after judging.
 Contest is open to YATFS members in good standing. [Remember to pay your dues!]
Lets have some fun