Bowl Show
A few reminders about the bowl show:
Make sure your bowl has at least one flat side for
best judging.
Don’t forget to register with me (Bob) so we know
how to assign points.
Write down the variety on the registration.
Points are given as follows:  
1st place = 4 points
2nd place = 3 points
3rd place = 2 point
you get 1 point per category for entering
if you place you get only awarded points
It’s Show Time!!! – Six Successful Tips   by David Ayres

David Ayres, YATFS member since its inception, and former judge from coast to coast within the
what a seasoned judge looks for when evaluating your fish.
A)        Is this fish mature size? – according to size standards in reference books
B)        Is this fish in good color? – again, check pictures/description in book
C)        Is this fish healthy? – shows no signs of disease; eating well; active
D)        Is this fish in show condition? – no split fins; no missing scales; well fed
E)        Does this fish show well? – “Type A” personality

A)        Read the show schedule of classes ahead of time.
B)        Ask the show chairperson if you are not sure.

A)        Read through the rules a couple of times to make sure you understand them.
B)        Take your copy of show rules with you.
C)        Double check as to tank requirements.

A)        Fish often don’t react well to changes in water chemistry.
{They may even die in radically different  water than they are used to}
B)        Have your own water conditioner on hand.
C)        Bring a little more than needed in case you have to make an unexpected change.

A)        Clean tank, background, and secure lid
B)        Airline, valves, and airstones
C)        Scissors and hole punch
D)        Small siphon tube and clean, dry towel
E)        Bucket and siphon for breaking down

Hey everyone!!!  Our February meeting has come and gone, which means we had another successful meeting. with 43 entries for January,
and another 15 entries for February, we are up to 58 entries for the year. Ive got lots to talk about. First I want to thank Big Rich Price for
judging our bowl show, as well as inviting us to his fish rescue. I also want to thank Misty, and Will White, from the greater Akron Aquarium
Society for coming down and guest judging our bowl show. they truly enjoyed our club meeting, and have even joined us!. For our February
meeting, our classes were Favorite Breeding Pair, Native fish (North America), Axolotl, Crayfish, and Ammania Gracilis. Here are your

Axolotls were dominated by Lisa Reel taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Crayfish were dominated by Lisa Reel as she took 1st, and 2nd place
as well. Favorite Breeding Pair goes to Dan and Karen Guman for 1st place, Lisa Reel took 2nd place, and Don Guman took 3rd place, with
participation points going to Robert Williams, and Dave Ayers. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and Also, Special
congratulations to Lisa Reel and her Axolotl for winning our Best In Show. As winner of Best In Show, Lisa took home a $20 R M S
Aquaculture Gift certificate, a Large can of Cobalt Aquatics Flake Food, and a Cobalt Aquatics Egg Tumbler. Way to go Lisa!

Looking ahead to March, we have some exciting and great things happening. Our bowl show is sponsored by I met
them at a convention this year, and talked to them quite a bit. I learned they actually have a farm in Florida, where they grow and harvest
everything that they put into their foods. Go to their website, and check them out. If you can, get some food from them. Theyre a great
company, and I'm glad they've decided to sponsor our bowl show. They committed to sponsoring the 12019 bowl show as well.  We are
also sponsored by Extreme Tropical Pets, in Boardman, Ohio. Theyre just off rt 680, or rt 224, on South Ave, in the plaza on the corner of
Mathews Road, and South Ave.  The owner, Kate Marino, is a great lady, she has years and years of knowledge in our hobby, and will sell
fish responsibly to anyone. I recommend her shop.

The show categories are.


Fish Family (2 Parents, 4 fry, 90 days old)



Ammania Senegalensis (Copper Leaf Ammania)

For the Bettas, I won 1st 2nd, and 3rd place last year. Challenge me. I told the Gumans I'm going to bring in 55 Bettas, and they said they
are bring in 56 Bettas, so I need to wrap this up and get to ordering more Bettas.

The Fish Family category is something that I am borrowing from Akrons bowl show. Plus, I figured, after the favorite breeding pair bowl
show....its appropriate.

Swordtails were swept by the Gumans last year for 1st and 2nd place, and team Mark n Lee Ann won 3rd place. Can they do it again? Ive
heard Kim has some pretty amazing swordtails that shes ready to show for a first place victory. Ive never had much luck keeping these
popular Livebearers long term,

Minnows and danios  were owned by the Gumans last year for 1st and 2nd place, while Lisa picked up a 3rd place win. During a past shop
hom trip, I know Lisa picked up some cool little guys that I think will give everyone a run for their money.

Our plant category this month is the Copper Leaf Ammania. This is a cool plant that was readily available at our auction.

Ammannia senegalensis, also known as copper leaf ammania, is a flowering plant native to western Senegal, often growing as a weed in
rice paddies.

Stem opposite leaves, starting out green and rather broad, later they become more narrow and reddish in colour. The leaves become more
red under intense light. There are several forms available differing in leaf shape and colour of unknown status.

The flowers are inconspicuous growing from the leaf axils of emerse plants.   

These plants prefer much light for optimum growth. They can grow quickly in the right conditions and will grow emerse if the water is
shallow enough. They grow well with additional carbon dioxide added to the water. Ideal water conditions are soft and acidic but these
plants are generally hardy and adaptable in most moderate conditions. To grow well they need a good iron micronutrient added to the

They can be easily propagated by cuttings pushed into the substrate.

OH!!! This is super important. Incase your wondering, I will include point standings as they currently are.

Kim Griffin 3
Lisa Reel  26
Robert Williams 11
Dan and Karen Guman  17
Larry Ayers  2
Dave Ayers 3
Brian Strickland 2
Joe Doyle  1
Don Guman   2
So there we have it. I hope to see everyone at the March meeting, Bring your best, and be your best!!!

Bow Show Bob